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Recent/upcoming publications

  • à par. Amazigh Bedar, Sabrina Bendjaballah, Martin Haiden. « The verbal n-stem in Taqbaylit Berber ». In: Meyer, Ronny & Chris Reintges (eds). Perspectives on Templatic Morphology, ZDMG,  https://shs.hal.science/halshs-03924659
  • sous presse. Sabrina Bendjaballah, Martin Haiden. « On Berber Verbs of State ». In: Korangy, Alireza & Bensoukas, Karim (eds). The Handbook of Berber Linguistics. Springer Handbooks in Languages. ISBN-13: 978-9819956890

Ongoing projects

  • 2020-2024. Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics: Bridging the Red Sea Rift, irn-all.cnrs.fr
  • 2020-2024. Ancient and Modern Languages of South-Arabia, ANR